Sustainability tip: drive, don’t idle |

Sustainability tip: drive, don’t idle

Walking Mountains Science Center Staff

Did you know, that according to studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy, vehicles warm up faster while driving than idling?

Many of us are tempted to let our cars run in the morning to warm up or while we scrape ice off before we get going. However, warming up your vehicle before you start your trip actually lowers your fuel economy—idling gets zero miles per gallon. For modern vehicles, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends driving off gently after about 30 seconds.

As mentioned, the engine will warm up faster being driven which will decrease your fuel costs and reduce your emissions. In addition, Eagle County has a Climate Action Plan which aims to address greenhouse gas emissions in our community. To learn more visit

Three Tips For What You Can Do:

Give your vehicle about 30 seconds to warm up then start driving. Do not idle while you defrost your vehicle.

Park your vehicle in a warmer place like a garage if available or consider purchasing a frost guard for your windshield.

Combine trips when possible so that you drive less often with a cold engine.


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