Sustainability Tip: Learn about electric vehicles and the future of transportation with this workshop |

Sustainability Tip: Learn about electric vehicles and the future of transportation with this workshop

Interested in being part of the electric vehicle (EV) charge station network that are popping up like wildflowers across Colorado? Curious about offering your employees commuting options that will get them to work on and save everyone money? Want to learn more about transitioning your business’s fleet to electric? Eager to adapt to changes caused by Coronavirus to keep your business going… even from home?

In the Actively Green Smart Commuting and Alternative Guest Transport Workshop, professionals from Holy Cross Energy, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, and Climate Action Collaborative will connect your business with the resources, tools, guidance and knowledge you’ll need to retain your competitive edge, reduce operational costs while improving employee benefits, and adapt to the coronavirus pandemic, which as you likely noticed, has a very uncertain conclusion. The workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 9 at 3 p.m., and will be hosted virtually. Visit or call 970-827-9725 ext. 136 to RSVP and receive a link.

Changes in state- and county-wide transportation infrastructure and assets are inevitable over the next few years. These changes, and what they will entail, are educated predictions reflective of the Colorado Energy Office’s current expectation that just nine years from now, one million EVs will be traveling the I-70 corridor each year.

One million is a large number, but how does that compare to Colorado’s population? It’s less than 20% of the state’s population. But that proportion might grow as electric vehicles continue to become available at lower and lower prices. Not to mention, if you take advantage of Eagle County’s annual spring season EV rebates, you could be putting money in your pocket to trade in that gas-guzzler you have parked outside.

Climate Action Collaborative staff Kim Schlaepfer and Malik Geraci will add to your Build Back Better perspective by sharing the status of our local transportation systems’ efficiency and utilization. They will share a multitude of solutions that will be easily accessible and adoptable when you open up the Collaborative’s Smart Commuting Toolkit. Specifically designed to benefit Eagle Valley businesses and their employees, the Climate Action Collaborative’s Smart Commuting Toolkit is so easy to use, it will bring a bit of fun back to your life that was stolen away by coronavirus.

If you go …

What: Actively Green Smart Commuting Workshop

When: Wednesday, September 9, 3 p.m.

Where: Virtual Visual of Walking Mountains Science Center Borgen Precourt Center for Sustainability, Avon[1] 

Cost: Free

More information: Visit or call 970-827-9725 ext. 136.

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