Sustainability tip: Send your holiday waste to a better place |

Sustainability tip: Send your holiday waste to a better place

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The holiday season produces plenty of waste in households across the nation. It's important to be as sustainabl as you can.
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Did you know that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), American household waste increases by more than 25 percent over the holiday season? After the fun and excitement of Christmas day, most of us take pause as we examine all of the stuff that we seem to have laying around. But do not let the uneasy feeling of not knowing how to properly dispose of your items damper the holiday mood. With these three tips you will feel good knowing that you are sending your waste to a better place. Find more tips here.

Three Tips For What You Can Do:

Reduce: Instead of throwing away old clothes, toys or other perfectly usable household items, donate them and give your items a new life.

Reuse: Save boxes, bags, ribbons, bows and decor items like ornaments so you can use them again next holiday season.

Recycle: Properly dispose of all your holiday waste. If you are unsure of where an item should go, download the Eagle County Waste Wizard app for free or utilize the Wizard’s online search engine at The Town of Avon is also hosting a post-holiday recycling event for hard to recycle items on Jan. 5 in the parking lot of the old town hall building. Bring your electronics, light bulbs, batteries, Christmas lights, Styrofoam and textiles to ensure that these hard-to-recycle items go to the right place.

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