Sustainability tips for cleaner air inside |

Sustainability tips for cleaner air inside

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Eco-friendly natural cleaners can be made from household ingredients for cooking, including lemon and baking soda.
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Walking Mountains Science Center’s mission is to awaken a sense of wonder and inspire environmental stewardship and sustainability through natural science education. Visit http://www.walking to learn more about how to properly dispose of waste in Eagle County. Walking Mountains is a member of the Climate Action Collaborative for the Eagle County Community.

Did you know that, according to the EPA, the air indoors is typically two to five times more polluted than outdoor air? This is often due to the cleaning products we use indoors and their effects on both our local environment and health.

Three Tips

Reduce your use of toxic chemicals by referencing warning labels while shopping for cleaning products. If the product’s label states “danger,” “caution” or “warning,” then it likely contains toxins that contribute to air pollution.

Source: http://www.sensible-house-cleaning-

Look for biodegradable cleaning products or make your own. Making cleaning solutions for your home is actually pretty simple and often involves household ingredients for cooking. They are safe for children and pets, cost effective and can result in better air quality in your home.

Source: benefitsofmakingcleaningproductsathome.html

Do your homework when shopping based on eco-labels. Not all eco-labels are created equal. Find out which truly indicate a safe, eco-friendly alternative by vetting them through the Eco Labels Index site.


What you can do

Take the next step beyond replacing your cleaning products and register your business for the Buying Green and Clean Workshop on Wednesday, July 25, brought to you by Walking Mountains Sustainability’s Actively Green program. Guest speakers from GSA will be presenting on specialized solutions to the challenges we face in sustainable purchasing as a mountain community. Register at to secure your spot.

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