Sutters donate ‘Millionaire’ winnings to Avon Elementary |

Sutters donate ‘Millionaire’ winnings to Avon Elementary

Trista and Ryan Sutter donated some of their winnings from their appearance on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" to Avon Elementary School, during an all-school assembly. From left are: Dana Harrison, assistant principal of Avon Elementary; Jason Glass, superintendent of Eagle County Schools; Ryan Sutter; Roy Getchel, principal of Avon Elementary; Max Sutter; Blakesley Sutter; and Trista Sutter.
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AVON — It pays to pay attention.

Trista and Ryan Sutter handed over $5,000 to Avon Elementary School, money they won on the game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.”

Money they won using skills that Avon Elementary students are also learning, pointed out principal Roy Getchell.

“They had to have the knowledge to answer the questions, and they had to be able to communicate those answers,” Getchell told a gymnasium filled with enthusiastic kids.

The Sutters’ two children attend Avon Elementary, where they presented a check during their school’s Friday morning assembly.

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“We’re thrilled to be able to support this school and this community that has so warmly embraced our children,” Trista told Avon Elementary students during Friday’s assembly.

Here’s the thing.

Getchell asked the students to “think but not say” what they’d do with $1,000 if it fell out of the sky and landed on them.

A bunch of kids raised their hands, but not one hollered anything out. Not one.

Here’s the other thing.

When the assembly was finished and the kids were filing out past Trista and Ryan, dozens of them stopped to say “thank you.” Most of the kids have never heard of “The Bachelor.” They just know that Trista and Ryan are Blakeley’s and Max’s mom and dad, which is the best thing they can be. Chris Harrison met them when he hosted “The Bachelor” franchise, and Trista was the first Bachelorette. She plucked Ryan from a long roster of suitors.

Harrison is the new “Millionaire” host, and the first people he called were his “Bachelor” buddies — the Sutters.

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