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Sweet and sordid

Don Rogers

The sweet story of Ryan and Trista, peaking this week with their television special of a wedding, will be a boon for the Vail Valley for years to come.

And that sordid rape case against Kobe Bryant has given Eagle County a black eye, along with everyone and everything else it touches. Talk about your anti-Midas.

Of course, the Vail Valley and Eagle County are pretty much the same place, quibbling aside over geographic vs. marketing monikers for the main valley that runs through us.

Yes, Ryan and Trista’s contrivance that became reality tilts upvalley, where Ryan is still scheduled to go back to work as a Vail firefighter and the couple has made their home in Avon’s Wildridge neighborhood.

Bryant’s reality turned upside down will play through Courtroom 1 in Eagle, hometown of his accuser. But the Eagle County Justice Center could just as easily sit in Vail as Eagle or Edwards, where the tryst that prosecutors will try to prove was criminal took place.

“Vail” goes hand in hand with the storybook love story and will benefit from the association. Maybe even a few more young ladies will move there and balance the genders out a bit more. As even hunky Ryan found out, in a community where the single male to female ratio might just rival a frontline posting in Iraq, he had to go on TV to find a steady date. Now millions of girls pine for him, judging by the crush of e-mails that flowed this way during “The Bachelorette” show’s run last winter. And his lookalike brother lives here, too.

Better than a dozen million people have taken to America’s new first couple enough to watch their wedding video, with “Vail” not far from their dreamy thoughts.

Roughly that same number no doubt are avidly following the Bryant case, many of them utterly dismissive of hick “Eagle County,” starstruck in all the wrong ways. It isn’t so much the documented hitches in the case thus far, but the blind and at times obnoxious faith in a celebrity’s image. You’d think LA’s fans in particular had learned something from Steve Garvey and far worse, O.J. Simpson, famous athletes who cultivated squeaky images neither comes close to living up to.

If Trista appears to be a little “high maintenance,” as one of the groom’s buddies observed for the cameras, big deal. She’ll fit in all the better among the highfalutin at the head of the valley, second or third home to more CEOs per capita than anywhere this side of, well, Aspen. The worst we’re going to get from this couple are endless anniversary specials till their kids star in reality shows of their own.

Meantime, brace yourself for genuine misery with plot twists worthy of the trashiest novel as the justice system tries to sort out what really happened late June 30 at the Lodge at Cordillera, sometime after the NBA season ends so as not to cut into America’s entertainment schedule.

Still, there’s hope yet if a lovely bit of stunning reality such as Ryan and Trista marrying each other – with all the real life commitment that this portends – unfolds out of some of the most hackneyed stuff a TV producer could think up.

Interestingly enough in both stories, the very strangest parts are true.

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