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Tahoe tsunami could reach 30 feet

Allen Best

LAKE TAHOE, Calif. – A large tsunami hit Lake Tahoe 10,000 to 20,000 years ago, and waves of up to 30 feet could hit again, crashing into South Lake Tahoe, where Heavenly Mountain is located, and Kings Beach.Scientists say three fault zones underlie the lake, one of which is active. The frequency of large earthquakes is once every 2,000 to 3,000 years. As well, sections of the shelf around Tahoe have collapsed in the past, causing large tsunamis.One paleogeologist, Gordon Seitz, theorizes that a Tahoe tsunami could evolve into a seiche. A seiche is similar to the motion of water in a bathtub, with water swishing from shore to shore for hours after an earthquake.Canadians wooing Asian skiersBANFF, Alberta – The Banff, Lake Louise Tourism Bureau is beginning to target skiers from Korea, China and Mexico.Across the West, tourism businesses have becoming increasingly aware of the potentially staggering impact of tourists from China. The door for Canadian resorts will open when the Chinese government grants “approved destination status,” which the Canadian Tourism Commission expects will happen soon.Ski resorts in the Banff area have also begun courting Mexicans, who already frequent eastern Canadian resorts in large numbers. Meanwhile, reports the Rocky Mountain Outlook, the Banff-area resorts hope to continue to grow their existing strong markets. British skiers represent close to 40 percent of out-of-towners, while air service from Germany has improved. Meanwhile, Japan’s economy, although still subpar, is recovering. But Canadian resorts have their hands full, most importantly because of the strength of the Canadian dollar. While business and conference markets are expected to grow 10 percent in the United States this year, little of that money is expected to find its way to Canada. Moreover, Canadians looking to make their dollars go further are likely to head south of the border.Vail, Colorado

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