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Take a musical journey with Interpreti Veneziani in Beaver Creek

Sarah Dixon
Beaver Creek CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyAs masters of Vivaldi, Interpreti Veneziani will perform many pieces by the master composer on Tuesday night.

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” When one thinks of Venice, perhaps romantic images of the City of Canals come to mind. Dimly lit waterways, serenading gondoliers and breathtaking architecture. If you’ve been, you know these sights and feelings well. If you haven’t, there’s a whole world awaiting discovery.

Either way, you can make a journey to the City of Lights on Tuesday when acclaimed Venetian ensemble Interpreti Veneziani makes its Vilar Performing Arts Center debut.

This group of master musicians has been widely acclaimed for their ” … youthful exuberance and (the) all-Italian brio characterizing their performances.” They’ve become a main attraction for both locals and visitors to the romantic city. Playing on original instruments and specializing in Baroque music, the individual talent of the members, their expertise as soloists and ensemble musicians and the high level of their performances have earned Interpreti Veneziani an enthusiastic welcome from both audiences and critics alike.

Ask the group ” or anyone who has seen them in concert ” and you’ll hear about a live show that promises a musical journey.

“The one thing I would say to the audience, especially to those who’ve never seen Venice, is to close your eyes, open your heart and let your imagination run … you’ll feel Venice!” said Paolo Cognolato, leader of the ensemble.

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“My favorite piece in the program (for Tuesday night) is concert for four violins, cello, strings and harpsichord … ‘Estro Armonico’ by Vivaldi,” Cognolato said. “The piece gives the same emotion you can feel looking at the Venice lagoon ” the same peace, the amazing beauty which fills your heart.”

As masters of Vivaldi, Interpreti Veneziani will perform many pieces by the master composer on Tuesday night.

“The one thing I really loved when I saw them was their brilliant sound and passion for Vivaldi, specifically they’re one of the best ensembles I’ve ever heard play Vivaldi,” said Vilar Performing Arts Center Theatre Manager Gena Buhler, who saw several Interpreti Veneziani performances while in Venice last summer.

“Even if you’re not well-versed in classical music, you’ll recognize a lot of the pieces. The music of these great composers is often heard in everyday life in commercials, on TV, on the radio. But the difference is that Interpreti Veneziani plays them with such warmth, and with such a rich, artistic, expressive sound. The songs are familiar, but they’re given a whole new life by this ensemble.”

Interpreti’s familiarity with Vivaldi’s work is not something that happened by chance. The ensemble is essentially the “house band” of the San Vidal Church in Venice, playing more than 200 concerts per year in the same historic venue where Vivaldi performed most of his work.

“They’re like rock stars in Venice,” said Buhler. “Their posters, their faces, are everywhere you look. Their concerts are full every night ” it’s incredible. If you’ve been to Venice and the name ‘Interpreti Veneziani’ sounds familiar, it’s likely because you saw a billing for them for a concert at the San Vidal Church.”

But you don’t have to travel to Europe to experience the authentic Interpreti Veneziani sound. They choose the repertoire for their concerts on the road carefully to reflect the same charm, character and history that their concerts in Venice hold.

“Usually I choose the pieces to play thinking of the soloist who will play them,” explained Cognolato. “Every musician has, of course, a particular way to play and a different character. They come from Venice and so they are able to give the right emotion in order to explain to the audience (through their music) what Venice is.”

Buhler agrees that the artistry of their live concerts is not just in the playing, but in the warmth of character they impart to the audience.

“They bring a distinct European charm to their shows, and with their extensive repertoire of works … it’s a very unique concert experience.”

And this particular stop on the tour will be unique for the ensemble as well.

“I never have been in Colorado before,” said Cognolato. “I’m very curious and excited because it’s very different from Italy and Venice … with all that ice!”

Sarah Dixon is the marketing and public relations manager for the Vail Valley Foundation. E-mail comments about this story to cschnell@vaildaily.com.

What: Interpreti Veneziani.

When: Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. A complimentary pre-performance discussion will be held at the theatre at 5:30 p.m.

Where: Vilar Performing Arts Center.

Cost: $55.

More information: Call 888-920-2787 or visit http://www.vilarpac.org.

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