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Take Home the new look"

Aggie Zaremba
Special to Home & GardenMuted colors and shiny accessories are just some of the new elements in the seasons new interior designs.

This season, local interior designers have got something that will satisfy the tastes of both, Cinderella and Femme Fatale.The general look of the season is, according to these designers, more contemporary with slicker and simpler lines. Staying within serene color schemes combined with brighter elements, mixed fabrics and materials and shiny glass or plastic accessories.They all agree that in todays fast-paced world people seek comfort, peace and simplicity in their homes. Thus, they furnish rooms sparsely, keeping their homes more functional than decorative.People are not putting so much furniture in any more, said Yvonne Jacobs, vice president of interior design for Slifer Designs in Edwards. In pursuit to make their lives simpler, they also choose low-maintenance materials.Kathy Peplinski, owner of P Furniture and Design II in Eagle-Vail, added that people want furniture to do more for them now have dual purposes, be more functional. New entertainment centers, which carry enormous plasma television sets but also serve as book and decorative shelves, are a good example of Peplinskis statement. Additionally, according to Terry Carpenter, creative director of Atlantis in Edwards, traditional living rooms belong to the past. They are replaced with two or more intimate sitting clusters, situated next to a window, fireplace or TV set.We see more and more houses, where a great room is connected with a kitchen and a dining room, she said. This more flexible space allows people to play, watch TV and eat at the same time.As for furniture itself, trends dont count as much as individual tastes.Peplinski said her clients know what they want. A crew of talented interior designers just helps them fulfill their needs and express their personalities.However, said in agreement with other designers, this seasons furniture is lighter, slicker and more functional.Mixtures of wood and glass, wood and iron, or leather and fabric never become outdated, she said.Trendy colors include pastel pink, blue and pistachio green.Pastels are the leading colors now, Jacobs said. This seasons colors are fresh and light. Very serene, not so dark and muddy as before.Walls should be painted yellow gold or light blue. That way, Jacobs said, they wont compete with surrounding mountain views.The sofa of the season is made of bright red or orange leather. For the less brave, it can be in a more muted chocolate hue. The popular basic warm neutral colors that come from the environment are often complimented with brighter elements.Color makes people happy, and they are not afraid to use it, said Sarah Meehan of P Furniture and Design II.Wood and stone floors, which are welcome this season, are a reflection of the latest trend to bring the outdoors inside.Our customers are not afraid of stone even in bathrooms thanks to radiant heat in the floors, Carpenter said.The top three trends of the season are flexible cable lights, which are perfect to highlight art, vertical wood blinds, and lacquered accessories, including plastic laminated boxes and trays that are made to look like blown glass.The general theme of comfort and relaxation is the most visible in bedrooms. This season they are furnished with more open, hotel-style beds. They also have a small sitting area by the window and a little desk area, where elegant women and men can jot down notes and keep up with their correspondence just like in old movie scenes or in illustrations of books about the French Revolution.Linens are softer, often made of natural fabrics imported from Europe. They are covered with a duvet cover and generous amounts of pillows to make the bed look puffy yet comfortable.As for colors, again fresh and soft tones are mixed with brighter colors.On the whole, interior design trends this season are a combination of different individual tastes and cultural trends which form an eclectic style, full of various colors, materials and fabrics. Comfort and coziness are two words that tie these trends together and shape it into the leading theme.

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