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Taking no position at all

Don Rogers

The Vail-only Chamber, found it prudent this week to issue a statement saying nothing at all about a key election issue.After some hemming and hawing, they’ve decided they have no opinion whatsoever on whether to add to the lodging tax to support building a conference center in Vail.But the local lodging group supports the election measure – and wonders aloud, frankly, why the thing hasn’t been built yet. And you can bet the other chamber, the valleywide one that has been eating the little chamber’s lunch these past few years, will have a recommendation.You’d think the meanest little political group in the valley, so quick to point out the wickedness and sloth of others – town, ski company, paper, that other chamber, who have we missed? – well, you’d think they’d at least take a position on something with such ramifications for the town.Just as well. The town’s progress lately has come largely despite this group’s rather chronic carping. So how much does it matter, really, what they think about this crucial issue? Well, maybe neutral is a positive step for this bunch.Discount’s priceHere’s the trouble with discounts: When you take them back, customers come unglued.Vail Resorts has been learning this each year as it raises the ski pass price for folks over 70, who once skiied for free. Never mind these are the richest folks on the hill. They figure they are owed. And maybe they are. Vail, Colorado

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