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Takng fun serouslyBy Eugene Scott

Sometmes ts hard to take fun serously. Fun s such a small andówellófunny word. Can a three-letter word really descrbe anythng mportant? We toss t around descrbng everythng from shoppng to gettng commode huggng drunk. Besdes lfe to often waxes grm. Even n Happy Valley the sharp edge of lfe cuts deep. Cancer encroaches; kds do drugs; marrages crumble; jobs evaporate; snow melts; and money runs shortóeven here. Smles and tears compete. Surrounded by sorrows were often tempted to surrender and beleve fun s frvolous, and sometmes even rresponsble. But what f fun represents more than an escapeómore than a fol for despar? What f those three lttle letters descrbe somethng much bgger than cheap laughs and cheaper thrlls? What f fun s somethng deep and rch and prmal that flows out of an occasonal dscovery of Gods glorous desgn for lfe?Every fall dress n rdculous clothes, eat freeze-dred food, hke for mles, carry a heavy pack, and chase ncredbly ntellgent elk around the woods wth a bow and arrow. Sometmes whle m huntng experence lfe stretched between a sensuous ntensty of the here and now and a dreamy pcture of a future peace. Though may say had fun, the word doesnt do the experence justce. So too when a meal and conversaton wth ntmate frends at a local restaurant swallows several hours; ts fun but the word pals. sometmes feel a smlar sensaton when preach. dont knowótheres a connecton there between me and God and the people. ts electrc! ts funóbut more. n experences lke these the word fun seems to represent just the tp of an mmense ceberg lurkng below the surface of our souls.Joseph Campbell named these tmes blss. For Campbell blss was somethng more than a passng actvty or event we enjoy however. He meant blss to artculate pursung a passon grounded n purpose, somethng we gve ourselves to absolutely. But even the word blss falls short because, as often as not, when we pursue somethng so absolutely n catchng t, we kll t. Fun or blss, whatever we name t, may not be somethng we can actually pursue and attan. George Orwell sad, Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of lfe s happness.C.S. Lews descrbed these moments as beng surprsed by joy. Lke Campbells blss Lews joy ponted to somethng fathomless, as deep as the answer to an ache n the soul. Ths joy descrbes a tme or place or event that feels as f we were made for t. Clck, the last puzzle pece fts. Unlke Campbell, however, Lews beleved ths knd of satsfacton fnds us. Thats why he calls t a surprse. For Lews joy s somethng God gves us, when we least expect t and, sometmes, least deserve t. Ths means that those moments of fun, blss, happness, or joy may be tmes when we are pursung one thng and by Gods grace ntersect wth another: God. The ceberg fun s the tp of s God (another deceptvely smple three-letter word). Thats why we can be surprsed by joy even n the mdst of pan, because God and hs gft of joy transcend crcumstances.Have you ever had more fun than a human beng s allowed to have? hope so. And next tme you do, take t serously. Take a second look. t may just be that you have encountered God and hs sren call s not to re-experence the fun event butóto use another Lews phraseóto go further up and further n. Look beneath the surface; God s lurkng there watng wth an even more amazng surprse.Eugene C. Scott s pastor of Covenant Presbyteran Church. Ther servces meet on Sundays at 8a.m. n the Beaver Creek Chapel and 11a.m. n the Val nterfath Chapel. You can reach Scott at Eugene@connectcpc.com or 477-0383.

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