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Tale of two columns

Vail Daily Editorial

Last week, we published columns by Butch Mazzuca and Kathleen Forinash that looked in detail at the county’s role in trying to improve child care.

Mazzuca, a retired business executive with a longstanding interest in child-care issues, argued that the commissioners are about to violate the voters’ will last fall in defeating the “nanny” tax. Allocating more funds on such programs from existing revenue would be wrong, in Mazzuca’s view. He calls it a Trojan horse.

Forinash, the county’s health and human services director, details the problems and explains the spending plans to address them.

You can read their columns on our Web site, at http://www.vaildaily.com, in the commentary section, and you should. The commissioners are expected to vote on the plan in the next few weeks. Forinash’s “Why kids, families need funding” was posted March 2. Mazzuca’s “A Trojan horse” was posted Feb. 28.

Both are interesting not only for their positions but the facts and interpretations they use to support their opposing arguments.

But Mazzuca’s argument about the voters’ will is weakened by the cold fact that many who opposed the tax said ” quite loudly ” that the county could use funds already in its budget for the programs.

Also, the county has for years funded child-care programs. What’s so different about this? There’s nothing secretive or nefarious about it.

Not that Mazzuca or anyone else has to agree with decisions to spend county dollars trying to improve the problems with child care.

Fair enough if you disagree with that spending. But the voters didn’t vote on whether the county commissioners should exercise their best judgment.

They voted on whether to create a dedicated tax ” no more and no less.

” Don Rogers for the editorial board

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