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Talent on Board

Shane Macomber/Vail DailyDeacon Maloney, a senior at Vail Christian High School, has been competing on his snowboard for six years.

By Cindy Ramunno

Seniors Section Correspondent

Vail Christian High School senior Deacon Maloney has competed on his snowboard for the past six years all around the world.

To snowboard competitively takes intense control just to jump and land safely. Athletic ability, flexibility and a sense of balance helps, too. Maloney does it so well he has real sponsors ” from Dynastar to Smith Optics.

Maloney attended Eagle Valley Christian Academy during his elementary and middle school years. When it came to high schools, his choice was clear. “I really like the small class sizes at Vail Christian,” Maloney says. “It increases the one-on-one capabilities.”

Maloney learned to ski at an early age. In fact, he can’t even remember how old he was. Once that was mastered, he wanted to try something new. So he grabbed a snowboard and headed down the mountain.

“I liked it a lot more,” Maloney says. He picked the sport up quickly and at the age of 12, Maloney began to compete.

Maloney has competed all over the nation including Utah, Oregon and California. He has also gone abroad to show his skills.

“My favorite place was Austria,” Maloney says, adding that he enjoys discovering new environments. The reason the European country became his favorite?

“The entire experience. The whole trip was a blast,” he says.

This summer, Maloney will work at Beaver Creek’s Kid Magnet ” the area that includes the mini-golf course, bungee jumping and climbing wall.

In the fall, Maloney will be residing in one of Colorado State University’s dormitories in Fort Collins.

“I will probably study landscape design or construction management,” says Maloney, who loves the outdoors and building things.

“I’ll miss being close to a mountain,” he says.

Some of the best advice Maloney received from his parents was “to make the right decision.”

His advice for younger VCHS students? “Use all your resources ” take away everything they’re offering at Vail Christian,” Maloney says.

And for all you boarders out there, Maloney offers the following advise: “Be determined and stick with it.”

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