Talk about role reversals |

Talk about role reversals

Don Rogers

A reader e-mailed a commentary by Charles Colson about President Bush’s inaugural address focusing on the promotion of liberty around the world.Colson wrote that he heard the echoes of Luke 4:18 in Bush’s speech and also tied them to the likes of John F. Kennedy’s inaugural speech in 1960, as well as the writers of the Declaration of Independence. All men are created equal, freedom is God’s gift and cannot be taken away by governments.For the moment anyway, let’s suspend the cynicism – reality, actually – that black slaves were not people, that governments in fact have kept freedom bottled up for epochs, that only in the past 100 years have democratic principles been on any big march. God has done some job keeping freedom just that bit out of reach for so much of humanity for so long.But this misses the point entirely, of course. We are talking about ideals here. The world should be free, and America – a country firmly rooted in the ideal of freedom – does best to help plant the concept everywhere. Even if our ideals always tower over reality. We always have something to reach for. That just might be God’s real gift.Contrast this thinking with so many Democrats today. The liberals sound as if they are nearly praying for failure in Iraq. Just show that horrible Mr. Bush up.Colson notes this and raises the point that there’s been a complete reversal between conservatives and liberals. Now the conservatives, once the reactionaries “unwilling to engage in bold, idealistic causes,” have taken the mantle of progress, while liberals cling to the old.So, the conservatives are today’s liberals and the liberals have become conservative. These are strange times indeed. Vail, Colorado

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