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Tancredo issues deadline for spot on Colorado ballot

DENVER, Colorado – Former GOP congressman Tom Tancredo and the head of the Colorado Republican Party are accusing each other of lying.

Tancredo said GOP chairman Dick Wadhams criticized GOP primary candidates Scott McInnis and Dan Maes in private, which Wadhams denied.

In an interview with the two men on KHOW radio, Wadhams said he noted both candidates both had problems, but claims he didn’t criticize them.

Tancredo is threatening to join the American Constitution Party and run for governor if Maes and McInnis are losing after the primary and they refuse to step down.

Tea party groups have sent a petition to Tancredo asking him not to interfere, saying it would give the election to Democrat John Hickenlooper. They say Tancredo doesn’t have grassroots support.

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