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Tanker to keep on truckin’ at Eagle fairgrounds

The Eagle fire department donated this truck to the Eagle County fairgrounds, where the fairground crew will use it to help keep the facility in top shape. The Ford truck holds 4,000 gallons of water and will be available if the fire department needs it.

EAGLE, Colorado – The Eagle fire department saw a need and filled it, or in this case they found a truck and filled it.

The fire department donated a huge tank truck to the Eagle County fairgrounds, where the county’s crew will use it to help keep the fairgrounds and arena in top shape.

It’s a 1980 Ford 9000 that carries 4,000 gallons of water – or any other liquid with which you want to fill it.

It’s been to four major Western wildland fires and rolled into the heart of New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina was rolling out. It spent weeks helping along the storm ravaged Gulf Coast.

“That truck that has paid for the itself through the fire district at least four times,” said Jon Asper, chief of the Great Eagle Fire Protection District.

It showed up in Eagle when Judge Bill Jones and Ken Norman bought it.

“They paid for it out of their own pockets and the fire district paid them back,” Asper said.

The truck will live at the fairgrounds, where Brad Higgins and the county’s road and bridge crew will use it to water arenas, wash down grandstands and about anything else that requires a bunch of water.

“The Eagle Fire has been a great supported of the fair and rodeo,” said Higgins, the county’s road and bridge director. “They’re there every year. Anything we need they’re right there on the spot, ready to help.”

And if a fire breaks out and the fire fighters need it, it’s nearby, Higgins said.

“They can grab it when the need arises. We’re happy to partner with them,” Higgins said.

The Gypsum fire department stored it through last winter.

They almost had it sold for $10,000, but decided to give it to the fairgrounds instead.

It’s not the latest thing for them. They’ve given Bond and McCoy three trucks.

Then again, they’re not completely clueless concerning cash flow. They sold another truck to a fire department in Alabama for $20,000.

“That money went back into our coffers,” Asper said. “In this district, our board of directors and our command staff uses everything. We refurbish it and use it again.”

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