Target anchoring Eagle River Statation? Are you kidding? |

Target anchoring Eagle River Statation? Are you kidding?

Angie Shy
Eagle, CO, Colorado

Are you kidding me? Is Eagle really thinking of letting the store covered in red become the first thing people see when they get to our awesome town!? I had the horror of seeing the photo of the proposed storefront in the Vail Daily today.

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of disbelief until reading the words paired with the photo. They confirmed the possibility of Target coming to town.

I must admit that although I have tried to stay informed via the paper and Internet, I haven’t been able to attend a town meeting yet. My work schedule gets in the way. Boo hoo, I know. I was still surprised to read that it was a Target that was coming as the big box entry because I hadn’t heard that until today.

A Target?! Although I know that they employ quite a few people, do we really need a store that carries “low priced, well-made stuff” mostly imported from outside of this country? We have a Target in Glenwood and a Wal-Mart in Avon! Isn’t that enough junk within a close distance? We also have Costco right here in not-so-far-away Gypsum that offers everything one might need to take care of their family’s needs, including clothing and tools.

I know that the economy has hit quite a bit of a rough spot and revenue is important, but is the room of red really the way out? Even a more appealing storefront can’t change what’s inside.

How about a Whole Foods or a Cabella’s, for crying out loud!? How about an REI or a Camping World?

We are still a resort town! There’s golfing, rafting, snowmobiling, fishing hunting, snowshoeing and world-class skiing and snowboarding not so far away east or west. Why wouldn’t we try to bring in something that not only caters to our tourists but also caters to all of us who live here year round?

Target? Come on, people. We are blessed to be residents of Eagle in Eagle County! Do we really want our town representative to be Target? I think we should surely aim higher.

Angie Shy



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