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Taste for indie comes back

Daily Staff Writer

Eagle Valley Music Co. – Vail Village1. “How to Dismantle an Atom Bomb,” by U22. “Genius Loves Company,” Ray Charles3. “Encore,” by Eminem4. “Loyal to the Game,” by 2Pac5. “Yoshimi Battle the Pink Robots,” by The Flaming Lips6. “Contraband,” by Velvet Revolver7. “Stardust … The great American Songbook: Volume III,” by Rod Stewart8. “Get Born,” by Jet9. “American Idiot,” by Green Day10 . “Greatest Hits,” by Neil Young Mojo Music – Avon1. “American Idiot,” by Green Day2. “Red Light District,” by Ludacris3. “Loyal to the Game,” by Tupac4. “Crunk Juice,” by Lil Jon 5. “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb,” by U26. “Sessions For Robert J,” by Eric Clapton7. “With the Lights Out,” by Nirvana8. “Rear View Mirror-Greatest Hits,” by Pearl Jam9. “As My Road Curves,” by Flash Bulb Memories10. “Weapons of mass destruction,” by XzibitVail, Colorado

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