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Tasting the truth

There’s something as durable as death, taxes and a Matt Zalaznick column condemning the Bush administration: a post-meal fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant.

Messages in the little cookies can range from the obtuse ” “Sparrows sing loudest when their feathers are plucked” ” to money-obsessed or cockeyedly optimistic.

Once in a while, though, the cookies bring unalloyed truth to diners.

One of the Titans received the following recently: “One who is too insistent on his own views, finds few to agree with him.”

This particular Titan thought immediately of one of the Daily’s newest opinion columnists. And yes, his initial are M.C.

Thank you! Thank you!

We received the following the other day:

Thanks to all for the help and support with the Joe Hern Family Support Fundraiser at the Back Bowl in Eagle July 23. Thanks to all of the businesses that graciously donated items for the auction. Each and every donation made a difference. We raised almost $15,000 for Sondi and her family. It’s so wonderful to live in a small community that really comes together in the time of need. God bless.

Mix it up!

The Vail Valley Chamber and Tourism Bureau is going fancy for its August mixer.

The folks at the Cordillera Valley Club will host the mixer at the Chaparral restaurant from 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday.

Mixers are free for Vail Valley chamber members and their employees. Expect some really good snacks from the folks at the Chaparral to go along with the usual breeze-shooting and networking.

For more information, call 476-1000.

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