Taxpayers are getting fleeced |

Taxpayers are getting fleeced

Mr. Bush tells us that we must spend $700 billion of our and our children’s money to avoid an economic crisis! And did he say that money also would reduce the cost of groceries or gasoline for you? Hell no!

Well then, what will it do? First of all, it will allow his wealthy friends on Wall Street (alias Republican Boulevard) to continue to earn fabulous salaries and bonuses. The over-paid C.E.O.s and dysfunctional companies can just continue on their merry way. And second, it will also require us to pay out about $30 billion in interest each and every year in the foreseeable future. Doesn’t that sound like a great program?

Not only does Mr. Bush tell us that we have to do it, but he has the audacity to tell us that we have to do it right now ” without giving it any further thought. But it was only a week ago when he assured us that our economic fundamentals were sound. And incidentally, that other brilliant economist, Mr. McCain, told us the same thing.

Actually I’m not too surprised at the willingness of Mr. Bush, and his fellow Republicans, to add another $700 billion to our national debt. They have already added $3 trillion. Pay attention, we’re getting fleeced!

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