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Teach the things you know

Catherine ZeebVail CO, Colorado
Columnist Cathy Zeeb

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado How do we help the next generation be a better generation? How can we raise conscious children? How can we expect our children to be wiser, more awake and ready to take care of this planet if we dont do it first? Who is going to teach them schools? Religious leaders? Baby sitters? What about you, their parents?Spiritual parenting means that you do your healing work in order to teach your children how to be more conscious. It means that we no longer can expect the next generation to do it better if we dont show them how. It means that we learn to watch our words so we dont condemn before we praise. It means we teach our children how unique they are, rather than trying to shove them into the societal box. These may sound like wonderful, loving, compassionate ways to raise our children but the truth is how can we teach what we dont live? Your parents were not teaching you to be conscious adults if there were alcoholics, drug addicts, angry, abusive, depressed, workaholics, blamers, avoiders or if they didnt pay any attention to how they spoke to you; if they told you constantly to shut up or go to your room, or if they never hugged you or told you they loved you or hugged each other in front of you or told each other that they loved each other in front of you; if you felt they gave more attention to one sibling over the other and you felt ignored. How did they teach you to be a conscious adult?This does not mean that our parents were, nor are, bad people. It means they could only raise their own children with the information they were taught. They could only pass on the emotions behind the way they were raised, which manifests itself in a variety of behaviors. We will do the same to our children if we dont break the cycle. We can learn to gain a new perspective in life and to understand ourselves in a new light. In that new light is where we choose to raise new children. Think of how your life would be if you had been taught anger management, for example, in elementary school. Would you have become an adult who believes in hitting someone to be in control? Would you still get mad at the person behind the counter for being slow? Would you not care if someone didnt turn quickly enough into a driveway? If your children see you reacting out of anger over the slightest things, how can they learn to be calm and choose what is important to feel angry about? Not all things in life require a reaction from us. This is an important lesson. Where do you choose to expend your energy versus hold the anger or non-expended energy inside? Teaching our children where and how to use their energy for their own lives, for their own creativity, seems so much wiser. But parents, you have to learn this for yourselves first. You need to be a role model for the children of the future. Recognize the patterns from your past that you are passing on to your children. If you havent healed them, then work on doing so. You may even find the child within you can laugh, love and play more freely. We owe it to ourselves, first and foremost, to live in the truth of who we are not the truth of our parents. We will make room to become better adults today for the future of our children. Catherine Zeeb holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards and teaches Metaphysics at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. You can visit her Web site at http://www.healing-spirits.net.

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