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Teak Simonton wins Eagle County treasurer race

Teak Simonton has served as the Eagle County Clerk & Recorder for 13 years.
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Eagle County Treasurer

Teak Simonton (D): 13,345

Mari Renzelman (R): 8,303

Results are unofficial, as of 10:20 p.m.

EAGLE COUNTY — Clerk & Recorder Teak Simonton spent Tuesday night counting ballots, including votes for the county treasurer, which she was running for.

After more than 20 years with Karen Sheaffer at the helm of the Treasurer’s Office, voters elected Simonton over Mari Renzelman as county treasurer.

“It’s stressful in many ways,” Simonton said of working Election Night with her name on the ballot. “I’m just really happy that the voters indicated their trust in me. I think I have a strong record of efficiency, transparency and customer service, and I think that was evidenced in the vote.”

The first order of business for Simonton is reaching out to Renzelman, who was appointed treasurer by the Eagle County Board of Commissioners Jan. 1 when Sheaffer retired. Renzelman has worked in the Treasurer’s Office for the past 16 years, and Simonton hopes she will continue there despite losing the election.

Next, Simonton will recommend her chief deputy, Regina O’Brien, to the Eagle County Board of Commissioners to fill her vacant clerk and recorder position.

New challenges as treasurer

Simonton has served as the Eagle County clerk and recorder for 13 years and feels like the timing is right for new challenges and opportunities as treasurer. She had one contested race for clerk and recorder during her tenure, so she amped up her campaign efforts for treasurer.

“Many, many hours campaigning,” Simonton said of her past couple of months. “the planning and details that go into running an election like this are voluminous.”

Before becoming clerk and recorder, Simonton spent 20 years managing a broad-based private company.

Simonton has served on the capital improvements, benefits and compensation and budget committees at the county and has been increasingly active since 2010 with governance and policy at the state level.

The treasurer is responsible for mailing property tax notices; collecting and disbursing taxes to taxing authorities; receiving and depositing all money for Eagle County; disbursing money upon order of the Board of Commissioners; and investing all excess funds.

As treasurer, Simonton is responsible for billing, collecting and distributing a tax roll of $183 million, including more than 80 taxing authorities.

“There was never a dull moment,” Simonton said of Tuesday. “I’m just really honored to continue to serve the county as treasurer.”

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