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Chris Anthony

If I could have one dream come true, it would be for the sports of skiing and snowboarding to become main-stream; for the names of those athletes like Bode Miller, Eric Schlopy, Chad Fleischer and Sarah Schleper to be as common as Michael Jordan; for every kid to have the opportunity to slide down a mountain as easily as it would be for them to go shoot hoops at the park.Sports build character, motivation and they drive young adults to develop goals. It’s hard for corporate America to understand the benefit of opening up the doors to the world of skiing and snowboarding. Immediate results are non-existent and patience need to be harnessed and developed.While the U.S. Ski Team is half-heartedly trying to expose its athletes to the mainstream, Colorado Ski Country is making a run at exposing the sport through the newly created Team Colorado. This group of young, talented and energetic athletes from Colorado Ski Country’s various resorts has one goal in mind: To expose the sport to the masses through those that let the sport flow through their arteries.Team Colorado is a premier group of male and female skiers and snowboarders who represent Colorado. In its first year, Team Colorado will be featuring some of the best skiers and snowboarders in the world. The team will represent Colorado at events, assist with the marketing of the Colorado ski and snowboard experience and promote winter sports in Colorado. Team members were chosen on their athletic ability as well as their abilities to act as a representative for Colorado skiing and snowboarding.&quotOur goal with Team Colorado is to have these top athletes represent Colorado and assist us in spearheading a variety of grassroots marketing projects aimed towards the younger market,&quot says Rob Perlman, President and CEO of Colorado Ski Country USA. &quotIt is a new, innovative program that not only helps promote the Colorado ski and snowboard industry, but also allows us a way to support and expose our athletes around the state.&quotAthletes were nominated by CSCUSA’s 24 member resorts in the spring. Resumes were reviewed and team selection was based on athletes who had not only accomplished quite a bit in their careers to date, but also athletes who showed a lot of potential. In fact, youth and the potential for future success was an important consideration. Many team members are currently affiliated with and represent their home resorts in Colorado as well.&quotOne of the exciting things about this team is that we can help some of Colorado’s younger kids start to reach their potential, so it’s a win, win situation,&quot says Perlman. &quotIt was also very important to have athletes from a wide variety of ski resorts. The individuals on the team reflect the diversity and excellence that people associate with Colorado.&quot&quotThese kids are some of the hottest up and coming athletes in the state,&quot says team manager Tom Winter. &quotThey’re the kind of people that you’ll be hearing a lot about this winter and in the future.&quot&quotI’m shocked and honored,&quot says team member Chris Albers, who snowboards out of Beaver Creek. &quotI had some really good results last year in the competitions I entered and I guess people noticed. I love Colorado and I’ll be proud to represent the state this winter. Colorado has some of the best snowboarding in the world and I’m excited to spread that message.&quotTEAM COLORADO ATHLETES FOR 2002/2003:Wendy Fisher, Skier, Crested Butte CAPTAINChris Davenport, Skier, Aspen/Snowmass CAPTAINChris Anthony, Skier, /Vail – CAPTAINChris Albers, Snowboarder, Beaver CreekRob Bak, Snowboarder, VailRachael Baskfield, Snowboarder, Crested ButteGretchen Bleiler, Snowboarder, SnowmassChris Del Bosco, Skier, VailClif Dimon, Snowboarder, Crested ButteLeslie Glenn, Snowboarder, KeystoneBryan Harris, Skier, MonarchChristopher Hawks, Skier, BreckenridgeTravis Mayer, Skier, SteamboatBrent Meyer, Snowboarder, Copper MountainPeter Olenick, Skier, AspenMegan Pischke, Snowboarder, VailDan Shaw, Snowboarder, Winter ParkSteele Spence, Skier, AspenRex Wehrman, Skier, Arapahoe BasinTom Winter, Team Manager, Vail (contact Winter at (970) 476-1495 or

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