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Ted’s Picks: Five things to do in Denver and nearby

Ted AlvarezVail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyThe Drunkard National Convention, sponsored by Modern Drunkard magazine, is this weekend in Denver.

Everybodys talking about the DNC the candidates, the speeches, the parties and whether or not that salt-and-pepper-haired dude at the Tattered Cover really was George Clooney. But all that fun is sure to be eclipsed by the other DNC: The Drunkard National Convention. Sponsored by Modern Drunkard magazine, the Denver-based official chronicle of getting soused, this DNC aims to ditch all the parties in favor of just having a party. After the opening ceremonies, Modern Drunkard will host the Drunkard Dating Game, a short-film contest, and a gaggle of live entertainment. Drinking will continue through Saturday and into Sunday, with ample distractions from your cocktails provided by Burlesque As It Was and the Oracle Dance Troupe, along with music by Drag the River, the Hollyfelds, King Rat and more. A full convention pass ($49) gets you a drunkard tattoo, a drunkard poetry jam or liquor tasting, and the chance to attend seminars on, um, drinking. Cheapies can hope to get free drinks by trying the 20 Pint Gauntlet, which challenges you to drink 20 pints in 8 hours. If you succeed, the beers are free. If you dont, youre probably dead.What: Drunkard National Convention, sponsored by Modern Drunkard.Where: Three Kings Tavern.When: Friday at 7 p.m. through Sunday night.Cost: $49 for a full convention pass; $20 for a day pass. Includes drink specials and commemorative poster and t-shirt.Info: http://www.convention.drunkard.com.

Before Colorado was even a state, we had a state fair. Why? Because we just know the importance of a good time trumps things like treaties or statehood. This year should be no exception, as a wealth of family entertainment pours into the state fairgrounds so you have something to do other than stuff your face with funnel cake. Theres something for everyone: the Smothers Brothers for grandpa, the Guess Who and the Little River Band for mom and dad, and Colbie Caillat and Sugarland for the kids and teens. Youll also get to watch ace western competitions like rodeos, monster truck rallies, demolition derbies, and an honest-to-God tractor pull. Frankly, you havent lived until youve seen a tractor pull. The 80-acre fairgrounds will also feature all the livestock competitions, carnival rides, arts and crafts vendors and fireworks you can possibly handle. Its the best damn reason to go to Pueblo all year.What: Colorado State Fair. Where: State fairgrounds in Pueblo.When: Today through Monday, 10 a.m. to midnight.Cost: $5-$8 general admissions; $4-$49 for individual events. Kids under 6 free.Info: Call 800-876-4567 or visit http://www.coloradostatefair.com.

Dave Navarro is a long-worshipped guitar god best known for founding Janes Addiction, rocking in the mid-period Red Hot Chili Peppers, and marrying Carmen Electra. DJ Skribble is an eminent house DJ probably best known for keeping the beats-per-minute up at MTV Spring Break beach houses and collaborating with East-Coast hip-hoppers. Improbably, the two have joined forces to combine screaming guitar solos with dance-club beats and scratching in their latest tour. When you really think about it, Skribbles late-night clubbing and Navarros vampire-makeup partying lifestyle actually seem to go hand-in-hand; rumor has it the combination of the two live makes for an especially lively-if-bizarre party. Hip-hop/rock mashups can be sublime or deadly, but in this case, the live incarnation in clubs (not arenas a key mistake of others) seems to hold water. Whether youre there for Dave Navarros screaming guitar licks or Skribbles scratched and phat beats, you should go home happy. Party on, shredders and dancers.What: Dave Navarro and DJ skribble perform together.Where: The Church, Denver.When: Sunday, 9 p.m.Cost: $20.Info: http://www.coclubs.com.

I dont care what anyone says: More than any other physical activity, running can be most susceptible to monotony. Which is exactly why the course planners for the popular Aetna Park to Park 10-Miler race should be commended. Their 10-mile course connects four of Denvers city parks, including City Park, Cheesman Park, Alamo Placita Park and finally finishing at Washington Park. Beyond providing lush greenery and changing scenery, three of the four parks also feature crushed-gravel paths, the better to keep runners joints spry and ache-free. All proceeds for this marquee Denver race benefit the the Lorenzen Cancer Foundation, but even if you finish out of the winners circle, you still wont come home empty-handed. Post-race amenities include complimentary massages, live music and a wide selection of foods and beverages. Theres no day-of registration, so make sure to get online ahead of time to ensure your place in this race.What: Aetna Park to Park 10-Miler footrace.Where: Denvers Cheesman, City, Alamo Placita and Washington parks. When: Monday, 7 a.m.Cost: $60.Info: http://www.parktopark10miler.com or call Maureen at 303-220-1037.

Sonic pastiche artists Ratatat combine beats and rock guitars, but not in remotely conventional ways (see two entries above). Instead, they cut angular guitar riffs that sound culled from a cyborg Eddie Van Halen and paste them with robotic blips and drums harvested from a Nintendo 8-bit system possessed by demons. The end result is a masterful mix of edgy art-pop that also gives off a strong whiff of nostalgia. But it isnt nostalgia alone that powers Ratatat: On their latest, LP3, the duo of Evan Mast and Mike Stroud branch out to include a wide mix of keyboards, adding haunting atmosphere and gentle ambiance to songs that previously just wanted to rock your block off. While the freewheeling nature of the songs might seem improvised, the songs are actually meticulously planned out. The joy will come from seeing Mast and Stroud pull the tracks of LP3 off in a live setting. Of course, itll be hard to watch while simultaneously shaking your rump and tossing devil horns into the air. What: Ratatat performs.Where: Gothic Theatre, Denver.When: Tuesday, 7 p.m.Cost: $15.Info: 303-394-1600 or http://www.gothictheatre.com.

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