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Teen fashion designer scores TV series

Nicole Frey
Preston Utley/Vail DailyNicole Greensher, left puts an outfit together for a friend, at Mountain Lover's in Avon. Greensher will have her own series on Vail's TV 8 where she will showcase fashions of Vail Valley retailers.

MINTURN – Fifteen-year-old Kasey Pylan struck an exaggerated pose as Nicole Greensher carefully eyed Pylan’s outfit in Mountain Lovers Clothing in Avon.”I feel famous,” Pylan said tossing her hair. Picking out a necklace, Greensher held it up to Pylan.”No,” she said decisively. “That would hide your face. No hiding faces on camera.”

Budding fashion designer, Greensher, 14, recently appeared on Vail’s Channel 8 for her work as a fashion designer, which included attending famed Parsons fashion academy and appearing in a November issue of Teen Vogue. Impressing Channel 8 producer Tricia Swenson, the interview has since morphed into a television series hosted by Greensher, who will showcase fashions from retailers around the Vail Valley. “It’s an advertising bonus,” Swenson said. “We have such a wide variety of stores in the valley, we though it would make for a lot of good segments.”Airing every other Sunday, the four-minute show will feature different looks chosen by Greensher. Sunday’s segment will present holiday looks from Mountain Lovers, a boutique selling new and used clothing in Avon, but later shows will include stores like Holy Toledo in Minturn and End of the Rainbow in Edwards.”It’s going to be called the Fashion Factor, and we’re going to talk about what the Vail area is showing that is similar to high fashion in New York,” Greensher said. “We’re going to show people you don’t have to go to Manhattan to buy high fashion.”Summer in winter? Greensher and fellow Battle Mountain High School students Pylan and Dana Hedrick giggled their way through Mountain Lovers on a recent shopping trip as Greensher picked out clothing the girls will model on the show. “I picked two girls who are mature looking,” she said. “I think they look unusual. They have a lot of personality. They’re bubbly, and they’re not going to freeze up on camera.”Greensher had never been into Mountain Lovers before, but said she admired the boutique’s variety and stylishness. “I had a lot to work with,” she said. “I was looking for one outfit that would be something elegant, a nighttime outfit, and something else that would be punk rock and funky.”Greensher dressed tall and thin Pylan in a white tank top with black writing and a purple, satiny miniskirt covered with black stencils of Marilyn Monroe. A fan of all things shiny, Greensher added a silver studded belt “to smooth the outfit out.” She completed the ensemble with high-heeled black suede rhinestone boots and a double strand of pearls. “I didn’t want a necklace that would overpower the outfit because the shirt already has writing on it” Greensher said. “Pearls don’t usually go with a punk rock look, but it’s all about bringing a lot of different styles into one funky outfit that will really standout.”

Inspired by her idol Marc Jacobs, Greensher gave Hedrick a softer look in a ruffled white dress with black polka dots and pink sash. She added pink flats and sparkly choker to round out the look. “Marc Jacobs wants to make it OK for summer to be in winter,” Greensher said. “You just have to know how to layer it.”‘A pretty good eye’ With the clothing chosen, the hardest part came into play – walking. “I need to see you walk good because if you fall on your face, that would be bad,” she said. Closing in on deadline, Greensher said her models have just about got the hang out it, but remained thankful there wouldn’t much walking involved in the show. While the thrill of fashion and shopping is motivation enough for Greensher to work on the Fashion Factor, she said the exposure and experience she’ll receive will also be a bonus.When Greensher pitched the idea of a show to Swenson, Swenson said she liked the idea, but was especially impressed by the 14-year-old’s drive.

“I thought, ‘Wow, look at this teenager that’s so motivated and has this focus and determination about what she wants to do,'” Swenson said. “She seems to have a pretty good eye, and it’s going to be a lot of fun to showcase what she can find.”Staff Writer Nicole Frey can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14621, or nfrey@vaildaily.com. Vail, Colorado

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