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Teenage girl wrecks car in Wolcott

Nicole Frey
Preston Utley/Vail DailyA car sits upside down after two girls rolled it leaving Red Canyon High School's graduation ceremony Friday in Wolcott.

WOLCOTT – Cruising down the road Friday afternoon, 17-year-old Brittany Riggin’s right tires slipped off the pavement onto the narrow gravel shoulder. The young driver pulled the steering wheel to the left to get her Hyundai Elantra back on state Highway 131, but Riggin pulled a little too hard. The car swerved in the oncoming lane, but it didn’t stop there. Flying off the side of the road, the sedan flipped over leaving Riggin and her friend Jesi Fox, 17, upside down. The roof of the car had crumpled under the impact of the crash, bending the girls’ necks.

“Thank God we were wearing our seatbelts,” Riggin said. Quickly unbuckling herself, Riggin squeezed out of the vehicle and went around to the other side of the car to check on Fox. “My hair was pinned down, and I thought I was stuck, but I just yanked my hair out,” Fox said. With Riggin’s help, Fox made it out of the car. Staring at the wreckage, the girls began to cry. Their eye makeup and the dirt they had picked up during their struggle out of the car streamed down their faces, and they hugged each other in shock and relief. “It was a brand new car, damn it,” Riggin said. By that time, half a dozen cars had stopped to help all people who had attended the Red Canyon High School graduation at 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcott – along with Fox and Riggin, who are juniors at the school. Police and paramedics responded to the site of the crash. Driving just ahead of the girls, Jessica Rivera, a graduate of Red Canyon, had watched the accident unfold in her rearview mirror. She immediately slammed on the brakes, pulled over and ran to girls to help.”It totally freaked me out,” Rivera said.One couple pulled a blanket from their car and spread it on the grass for the girls to sit on. Blood dribbled from a cut in Fox’s leg, but the girls said they weren’t hurt otherwise.”At least they’re OK,” said Wade Hill, Red Canyon’s principal, frowning at the overturned car. After the initial shock, both girls used their cell phones to call their parents. “It’s bad Mom – not us, just the car,” Riggin said. Phone calls out of the way, finding cigarettes moved to the top of the girls’ agenda. Josh Cruz, who had graduated from Red Canyon High less than half an hour ago, obliged the girls.Smokes lit, the girls told the growing crowd what had happened and received hugs from concerned parents, teachers and friends, some of whom burst into tears at the sight of the wrecked car and the battered girls. “This is so embarrassing,” Riggin said surveying the people around her.Hands shaking, she took a drag of her cigarette and wrapped her free arm around Fox.”We’re OK,” she said. Staff Writer Nicole Frey can be reached at 748-2927, or nfrey@vaildaily.com. Vail, Colorado

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