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Teenager sexually assaulted in Gypsum

Tamara Miller
Special to the Daily A composite photo made by the victim of the suspect in the sex assault in Gypsum on April 30.

Eagle County sheriff’s deputies are searching for a man suspected of sexually assaulting an Eagle teenager last week in Gypsum.

The victim, a 16-year-old girl, said a man, described as 6-foot tall with a stocky build and a mustache, grabbed her from behind the neck while she was she was walking near Eagle Valley High School, fondled her and tried to force her to touch him. The assault happened in the evening April 27 and the girl reported it to police April 30.

The girl told deputies she and her boyfriend first encountered the man while searching for her boyfriend’s dog. The couple later split up to search for the dog, and the girl encountered the man again. The man had an accent and didn’t speak English well, but indicated he knew where the dog was. She headed in that direction and saw the dog near Gypsum Elementary School. The man then grabbed her from behind her neck, fondled her and put his hand to her crotch, according to reports. He also had his pants partially open and tried to force her to touch his penis. The dog began barking and the girl screamed and escaped, and ran away.

Deputies have finished canvassing neighborhoods and do not have a lead on who the man was, said Det. Mike McWilliam.

“We’re trying to do a composite sketch with the victim so we have a picture of what this guy looks like,” he said.

Wal-Mart employee charged with theft

A Wal-Mart employee has been charged with stealing from his employer by using fake bar codes to cover up the alleged theft.

Avon Police were called to the store last Friday to interview the man. Store employees allegedly had a videotape of the man making fake bar codes, retrieving items from the store shelves, placing the bar codes on the items and then running them through the register. The items were worth about $280. The man allegedly signed a statement admitting he had made a mistake and had placed different labels on the merchandise.

The man was cited for larceny.

Punishment for speeding driver stinks

If speeding tickets don’t work, maybe a bag of dog feces will.

An older man walking three dogs apparently decided to slow down a rapidly moving driver last week by throwing a bag of dog feces onto the car.

The driver stopped and retaliated by throwing a pen at the man.

The dog walker then allegedly voiced some racial slurs, picked up the bag of feces that had fallen off the car and threw it inside the driver’s vehicle, spattering fecal matter on the dashboard, seats and the face of the driver.

The driver filed a report with Eagle County sheriff’s deputies but they were unable to locate the suspect.

Good timing works in thief’s favor

Some thieves just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

A Gypsum man ate at a local restaurant, then accidentally left his wallet behind on the restaurant counter when he paid the bill. He realized the mistake a few minutes later when he went to buy gas.

The fellow returned to the restaurant, where employees said a woman had come into make a phone call, saw the wallet on the counter, and claimed it as hers. They could point to the nearby residence that the woman returned to. However, officers were unable to track her down.


Week two of the Vail Police’s “65 Max” campaign yielded:

– 5 Citations

– 56 Warnings, of which:

36 Passenger speed warnings with an average speed of 78.8 miles-per-hour

3 Passenger equipment warnings

4 Commercial speed warnings with an average speed 60.2 mph in 45 mph zone

1 Commercial speed warning 84 mph in 65 mph zone

1 Commercial equipment warning

Staff writer Tamara Miller can be reached via e-mail at: tmiller@vaildaily.com or by calling 949-0555 ext. 607. The Eagle Valley Enterprise contributed to this report.

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