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Teens arrested for drug use, domestic violence

Tamara Miller

An argument between two romantically involved teenagers lead to the arrest of both people and could lead to charges against three other teens for cocaine use.A 16-year-old girl went searching for her boyfriend because the couple’s baby was sick. She found him in his mother’s apartment, allegedly using cocaine with three other teens. The two got into an argument and the girlfriend called police.The boyfriend was charged with cocaine possession and for contributing to the delinquency of minors. The girlfriend allegedly hit her boyfriend during the fight and was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault and domestic violence. The three other teens who were allegedly using cocaine could also face charges.Ex-car dealer faces theft chargesThe part-owner of a local car dealership is accused of using company funds to lease a computer for his own use.He was asked to step down as part-owner after his partner suspected he had been stealing from the company. Before the man left the company, his partner discovered the man had allegedly leased a computer from Dell Financial Services and used company funds to do it. The man promised to clear up the matter before he left the company. But the partner received a bill from Dell Financial Services and a note saying the lease account had never been paid. The partner filed a report with the Sheriff’s Office and there is a warrant out for the man’s arrest on theft charges.Adventures in babysitting gone badAn 11-year-old Eagle-Vail boy faces felony menacing charges after he threatened his baby-sitter and two housemaids with a steak knife and a pellet gun. The boy, frustrated with his computer, allegedly reacted by yelling, whipping belts against the walls and chasing the baby-sitter and a couple of housemaids around the house with a knife. His parents were notified, as well as the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. The boy disappeared until deputies arrived and were in the process of moving the women to safety. At that point he allegedly started shooting pellets at officer’s vehicles. When officers brought out their weapons the boy ran away again. He was found hiding the porch. His parents arrived and indicated the boy was being treated for mental health disorders. He was taken to a Denver hospital for treatment.Staff writer Tamara Miller can be reached via e-mail at: tmiller@vaildaily.com or by calling 949-0555 ext. 607. The Eagle Valley Enterprise contributed to this report.

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