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Picture 30 or 40 hippies cruising down Centennial.Sound like a good time?If your answer’s yes, then Tele Tuesday is probably something you’d like.As a fellow soul-slider, I had to check it out (not to mention, it was a great excuse to give my editor to let me shoot someone other than a jibber).So on Jan. 25 I loaded Phish into my MP3 player (to get back to my Vermont tele roots) and set out for the 9:30 a.m. meet-and-greet at the Coyote in Beaver Creek.The first group I skied with was intermediate to advanced. We skied the whole mountain, but took our time and had fun on the groomers and bumps. The good skiers were helpful and gave pointers it was a go-at-your-own-pace thing.The afternoon group (advanced only) took their bumps a little more seriously. They often take as many a 15 bumpers a day, at a very high pace. I took a few runs with these folks and, confident that I’d had a good workout, skipped out early to get a bench seat at the Coyote (under strict orders from my editor to get the WHOLE story).To participate in Tele Tuesday, go to the Coyote Caf between 9 10 a.m. on any Tuesday through Feb. 22. It’s free to the public, but Mountain Quest Sports and the Beaver Creek Nordic Center provide demo gear and lessons for $37. Swag is given away each week, and on Feb. 22 they’re giving away a pair of skis and a 2005-2006 ski pass.For more information call Mountain Quest Sports in Edwards at (970) 926-3867. VT Story and photos by Matt Inden

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