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Tell us your stories!

Lauren Glendenning

The Vail Daily’s readers have stories to tell, and sometimes they are far more meaningful and moving when they come from the readers themselves. Sure, our reporters can interview sources and write captivating pieces, but there’s nothing like reading the words from the person who experienced the story personally.

Last week, Chris Anthony, a local professional skier and Warren Miller star, submitted an article about the day he hiked and skied Mount of the Holy Cross. A vintage poster showing Anthony’s thrilling ride down the mountain was released just a week earlier, and Anthony’s words brought that poster to life. He described the grueling hike he took to get to the summit. He was hungry and unprepared, but he pushed on and skied one of the most exciting runs of his lifetime ” pretty impressive being that Anthony has skied all over the world and has been featured in several Warren Miller ski movies.

That’s the kind of story I’d like you to tell, whether it’s about skiing a backcountry run, your first child’s birth or your experience traveling to an unfamiliar place. Your words illustrate what we in the valley want to see ” local community news that either sends out a message, shares advice or a meaningful story.

Pilates and yoga studio owner Sandra Herting, of Synergy in Avon, is having an expert from her studio write an informative piece about Gyrotonic, a unique non-impact exercise that increases range of motion and helps develop coordination. With all the athletes and healthy-minded people in the valley, the story will definitely reach out to readers and hopefully inform them of something they didn’t already know.

When Fred Wolfe ” an East Vail man who walked from Denver to Vail to raise money for Alzheimer’s Disease research ” wrote about his challenges and accomplishments during his fourth time making the 100-mile trek, the Vail Daily published it and it become one of our most popular stories on

Did you travel somewhere cool this summer? Write about your experiences and submit your story to us.

That’s what Will Miller, an Eagle-Vail man who has spent a lot of time traveling in Central and South America, just did. He finished an extensive article about his journeys, mostly a compilation of journal entries during his trips. He writes about the different cultures he saw, tells stories of the beautiful people he met and also about the poor conditions that shocked him during his travels. That story will appear in the Vail Daily sometime next week.

If you’re worried that your writing won’t be up to par, that’s what I’m here for. Send what you can, and I can fix grammar and punctuation if needed. Not much of a writer but you like snapping photos? Send them in and give me some background, and I’ll write something to appear alongside your photos. Help me spread the word around the valley that our locals are interesting and up to all kinds of wonderful, newsworthy things. Write something for us!

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