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Terra Bistro

Lauren Glendenning

Dining out doesn’t mean one should give up healthy eating, and Terra Bistro is a restaurant that won’t make you feel like you have to fast for a week to burn off the calories from dinner. Kevin Nelson, the executive chef, is passionate about offering guests delicious food that won’t pop buttons on their pants.

“We have a reputation for being sort of the health conscious choice (in town),” he says. Healthy eating doesn’t mean you have to give up on the tasty ingredients we all love ” there’s bacon on the breakfast menu, but it’s some of the most naturally raised pork out there, he says.

Terra Bistro’s menu is 100 percent all natural and about 75- to- 85 percent organic all the time. The breakfast menu, which the restaurant began serving about two years ago, is 95 percent organic and all natural.

From things like quinoa ” a grain Nelson considers one of the greatest foods on the planet because of its power-packed nutrients ” to local ingredients like Palisades peaches and Colorado lamb and bison, the menu offers flavor that you can feel good about too. “There’s the whole green movement now,” Nelson says. “Going green means your sustainable and not wasting money and energy to bring product in.” Eating foods the way nature intended is the way to go, he says. The restaurant is a member of the Rocky Mountain Growers Directory, meaning it supports local growers. Like wine with your dinner? Terra Bistro has several Colorado labels on the wine list as well.

In keeping with the healthy lifestyle theme of the restaurant, Terra Bistro’s menu changes a few times per year to incorporate the most local and seasonal ingredients available. A new summer dinner menu features a sprouted quinoa lettuce cup appetizer with tomato vinaigrette and basil aioli ” light, refreshing and packed with flavor. The components of a roasted king salmon entree with roasted fennel, zucchini, lemon oil and kalamata olives, is a unique blend of flavors that sing together on the palate. Breakfast is something Terra Bistro takes seriously. There are protein packed smoothies for a healthy boost that isn’t the traditional cup of coffee, fantastic bloody mary’s and an array of traditional breakfast menu items with a healthier touch. The pancakes and a goat cheese and roasted garlic egg scramble over Indian naan are some of the breakfast menu standouts.

While you might clean your plate at Terra Bistro, at least you won’t feel guilty about ordering dessert (don’t miss the gooey, rich molten cake for a blissful chocolate fix).

Terra Bistro In the Vail Mountain Lodge 352 East Meadow Drive, Vail 970.476.0700 vailmountainlodge.com/terra-bistro/

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