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Terra Bistro, Vail, fine dining

Wren Wertin
Vail CO, Colorado
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Terra Bistro

Vail Mountain Lodge and Spa


(970) 476-6836

The concept

Terra Bistro has always been known as a healthy place. Despite the fact that steak is on the menu ” and always has been ” it’s won a locals’ choice award for “Best Vegetarian Restaurant” and a reputation for being health conscious and green. What people are reacting to is the mindset of chef-owner Kevin Nelson and the rest of his crew. They want to provide a nourishing oasis for anyone eating out, but they don’t go about it in the stereotypical way.

“We don’t believe the evil things are fat and carbs,” said Chef Nelson. “Food is fuel for your body, and the quality of the fuel you put in determines what you get out of it. Artificial ingredients and chemicals and unnatural preservatives ” those are evil.”

Biblical breakfast

Dinner is a given, but about a year ago Terra Bistro started serving breakfast. This is no run-of-the-mill event. It’s the 1,000-year breakfast, meaning anything served is made from ingredients that were around a thousand years ago. Whole grains, eggs, fish, vegetables: They’re not new to the earth. So chances are, they’re OK to eat.

It translates

It works because it’s accessible. You don’t have to remind yourself that the quinoa sticky bun is healthy, you simply want to eat it. Like most places, they’ve got eggs and bacon and toast. Unlike most places, the eggs are free-range and organic, the bacon is nitrate-free and the toast is made from sprouted wheat. Can you tell? Maybe. Is it good? Most definitely.

Don’t miss

For those who don’t like to eat much in the morning, the smoothies are a great option. Bee pollen or protein powder can be added to any of them. The “Berry Tasty” is a best seller, made with bananas, berries, rice milk, yogurt and protein powder. The omelets come with fresh fruit and perfectly browned potatoes. Instead of oatmeal, try the chilled cinnamon apple quinoa, loaded with dried fruit. Quinoa is the only whole grain that’s a complete protein, which is why it’s called the Mother Grain.

Timing is everything

Monday through Saturday, Terra serves breakfast from 7-10:30 a.m. But on Sundays the world shifts a little. Farmers and artists set up their tents, and Meadow Drive is bustling with activity. Get some sustenance at Terra before browsing the farmers’ market. The restaurant serves from 7:30 until 11:30 a.m. on Sundays.

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