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Terri Moyers: The cowboy girl

Laura A. Ball
featuring Claggett/Rey girls from left to right Amy Holm, Laura Breeden, Laura Wolf, Laura Moore, Stacy Gunderson, and Maggie DeDecker.

VAIL The journey feels familiar: Terri Moyers in the passenger seat, her husband, John, driving the rental car Wednesday morning as they wind their way through mountain passes to Vail where a gallery awaits them. Both painters, the inseparable duo has lived and breathed art together since they met in 1979 at the Okanagan Game Farm in Penticon, British Columbia, a place where artists gather to paint animals from life. Twenty-seven years later, not much has changed. They spend winters painting in Santa Fe, N.M., summers painting in Alberta, Canada, and collaborate for showings.

But somethings different this time. When they arrive at the gallery in Vail, only Terrys work will cover the walls. Its her first one-woman show, a huge commitment for any artist. More than 30 of her paintings will be on display in the exhibit titled Influences and Inspirations starting today.

The majority of the plein-air paintings reflect the ethereal landscapes she finds in Canada, but a handful take on a significant figurative subject women.There were some tough and spirited girls out there, and I want to portray them in a way they havent been as much before, as self-confident girls, Terri said.When Terri paints people, she carries over her plein-air technique, using real models, in real scenes, staying true to what her eyes see, she said.When the staff from the Claggett/Rey gallery visited her in New Mexico this spring, she asked them to pose. She dressed them in 20s and 30s period pieces and portrayed them as women from another time. The Cowboy Girls resulted, six vibrant women outfitted in smiles, cowboy boots and hats, fringed leather skirts, button downs and bandannas, guns and ropes, and not least of all, the transcendent air of confidence all of her women subjects possess.Terri herself understands the importance of having confidence as a women. As an artist, the issue of gender is something she struggles with.I think that in the field of art, its a little bit tougher for women. I just dont think people take us a seriously and theres a lot of reasons why, she said. It would be nice if I could make the road a little easier for everyone, if I could bring awareness to everyone that women can do it, too.The 52-year-old, quite modest painter hopes to increase the position of women, she said, by painting well.

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