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Terror and exaggeration

Don Rogers

Some environmental advocates believe that ecoterrorism such as the Two Elks arson set their causes back.But that’s not the only thing to keep them from being taken seriously.Their own overheated rhetoric might be even more damaging to their causes – if not their donation drives – than the sabotage blamed on militant groups such as ELF. Rocky Smith of Colorado Wild! is pretty much fooling himself over whether the Blue Sky Basin expansion to Vail Mountain would have happened – Two Elks being torched or not.He’s right in seeing “big bad Vail Resorts” being turned into a sympathetic figure with the lodge and some other structures getting torched, as well as being able to build a bigger and better Two Elks lodge in the original’s place.But his and others’ exaggerations about the effects of the expansion were less than compelling beyond a small cult of true believers. They could not make the case against Blue Ski Basin. They compounded that with lame protesting based on irrational declarations with little appeal beyond people who have renamed themselves Apple Blossom and Moonbeam.Colorado Wild! is making similar exaggerations in a fundraising letter about Bobby Ginn’s plans to build on Battle Mountain. That will just wind up helping the developer with a project we don’t much like, either.If they’d just drop the hype, maybe folks beyond Moonbeam would find reason to listen. Vail, Colorado

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