TEVA Mountain Games schedule |

TEVA Mountain Games schedule

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Wednesday, May 31st


7:00am Registration opens for all Dowd Chute races

9:00am Raft PaddleCross Time Trials

9:45am Dagger Kayak PaddleCross Time Trials

12:00pm Raft PaddleCross Semi-Finals

12:30pm Dagger Kayak PaddleCross Semi-Finals

1:30pm Raft PaddleCross finals

1:45pm Dagger Kayak PaddleCross finals

3:00pm Dowd Chute Raft and Kayak Awards at the Saloon in Minturn

5:00pm Film Makers Shootout begins


4:00pm Registration opens for East vs. West Rodeo

5:00pm Film Makers Shootout begins

Thursday, June 1st


8:00am Registration opens for Paddler Magazine Creek Race

9:00am Paddler Magazine Extreme Creek Race


3:00pm Courses and registration for all events opens

3:00pm GORE-TEX® Gear Town opens

3:00pm Volkswagen Freestyle Dyno Demo

5:30pm Dagger Big Trick Competition

6:30pm East vs. West Amateur Kayak Rodeo Qualifier

8:00pm Photography Competition at Demott Gallery

8:00pm Coors Pub Crawl

11:00pm Teva Film Premier: “Dynasty” @ 8150

Friday, June 2nd


11:00am Registration opens for all events

11:00am GORE-TEX® Gear Town and Adventure Village open

11:00am Volkswagen Bouldering Women’s Practice

12:30pm Volkswagen Bouldering Men’s Practice

1:00pm Sprint® Kayak Pro Rodeo Qualifier

2:00pm Volkswagen Dyno Climbing Practice

3:30pm Volkswagen Speed Bouldering Practice

5:00pm Freeride Challenge Demonstrations

8:00pm Nappy Roots: Featuring DJ Cut Creator, DJ Nustylez and DJ Evil E

Saturday, June 3rd


7:00am Registration opens for all events

9:00am GORE-TEX® Trail Running Series

– 2006 USA 10 km Trail Running Championships

– 10 km Spring Runoff

9:00am GORE-TEX® Gear Town and Adventure Village open

9:00am Volkswagen Bouldering Citizens Competition

10:00am Sprint® Kayak Pro Rodeo Semi-Final

11:00am GORE-TEX® Trail Running Series – Teva X-1 5km Mud Run

12:00pm GNC Adventure Sprint Championships – Gear Check-in at Vista Bahn

12:00pm Colorado Disc Dog Demonstration at the base of Vail Mt.

12:00pm Volkswagen Women’s Bouldering Qualifier

1:00pm One-Fly Fishing Competition Qualifier

1:00pm Vail Pass Hill Climb

1:30pm Freeride Challenge Qualifiers

2:00pm Volkswagen Women’s Bouldering Finals

3:00pm Freeride Challenge Finals

3:00pm Volkswagen Bouldering Men’s Qualifier

3:30pm GNC Adventure Sprint Championships presented by Adventure Sports Magazine- Athlete meeting at the Vista Bahn

4:00pm Volkswagen Bouldering Men’s Finals

4:45pm Sprint Kayak Pro Rodeo Finals

7:00pm Everest Awards presented by Veramonte at Dobson Ice Arena

10:00pm Teva Mountain Ball at 8150

Sunday, June 4th

4:00am GNC Adventure Sprint Championships

7:00am Registration open for all events

9:00am One-Fly Fishing Competition

9:00am GORE-TEX® Gear Town and Adventure Village opens

9:00am Volkswagen Dyno Climbing Practice

10:00am Volkswagen Dyno Climbing Qualifier

10:00am Nature Valley X-Country Mountain Bike Championship

10:30am Family Adventure Race

11:30am Volkswagen Dyno Climbing Finals

12:00pm “8” Ball Kayak Sprint rounds begin

1:00pm Volkswagen Speed Bouldering Practice

1:00pm Freeride Big Air Competion

2:00pm Volkswagen Speed Bouldering Qualifiers

2:30pm East vs. West Amateur Rodeo Finals

3:00pm “8” Ball Kayak Sprint finals

3:15pm One-Fly Fishing Competition “Weigh-In”

3:30pm Volkswagen Speed Bouldering Finals

4:00pm Mountain Dog of the Year Presentation

4:30pm Moe’s BBQ Ribs and Whiskey @ 8150

6:30pm Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) @ 8150

– Schedule subject to change

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