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Texans go to where it only snows during the night

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

In the middle of a particularly nasty winter, I had a beginner’s class of middle-aged visitors from Texas. On this day, it was snowing very hard. To be more precise, it was absolutely dumping. To help make light of the situation and to take their minds off of the inclement weather, I had them shuffle back and forth on one ski, play games, etc.Just before we were about to push off for the chairlift, I stopped and asked the class if anyone had any questions.One middle-aged lady who was caked with snow said, “What’s the deal here? My travel agent told me that it only snows here at night!”- David Hedderly-Smith, Park City, UtahFamiliar with the localsDuring the 1970s, the ski school staff would convene at the top of Mount Baldy to receive new students for Ski Week and determine in which class they belonged. As each of the students skied down the mountain, the supervisors would direct them to the appropriate class level.One day, there was a very large number of students milling around, waiting to take their turn for the ski-off. Suddenly, we heard a series of “yahoos” as three nude male skiers came over the horizon, cutting through the middle of the waiting skiers. Each of the skiers wore capes and full-face masks. Nothing else.Later that week, the ski school director informed the staff that he had reported the incident to the ski area management. “The good news,” he said, “is that a number of our women ski instructors attested that none of the streakers were members of our teaching staff.””And one woman testified that none of the streakers were even residents of Blaine County.”- Joe Waggoner, Salt Lake City, UtahVail, Colorado

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