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Texas man disappears while visiting Vail

Dustin Racioppi
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the DailyBradley Tubbs, of Plano, Texas, has been missing since Jan. 1. Police and family members have been searching the Vail, Colorado area ffor the 50-year-old or any clues to his whereabouts.

VAIL, Colorado “-Police and family are searching Vail and Eagle County for a Texas man who came here for a vacation but hasn’t been seen or heard from in days.

Family members say Bradley Tubbs, of Plano, came to Vail just before Thanksgiving for a three-month stay to explore the area and decide whether he wanted to live here full-time. He’s been staying at a Vail hotel since he arrived and has been checking in with either his mother or sister every day.

But nobody’s heard from 50-year-old Tubbs since late Jan. 1, when he mentioned he wasn’t feeling well.

“This is very out of character for him,” said Lori Wilcox, a friend and co-worker of Tubbs at Canyon Creek Day School in Texas. “He’s a creature of habit. He has not missed calling his mother every single day.”

After not hearing from Tubbs after a couple days, the family thought maybe he wanted time alone and a small break from the rest of the world. But knowing Tubbs, they started to worry after that.

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“By Sunday we were like, ‘This is really weird,'” Tubbs’ sister, Alicia Webb, said.

The family was able to obtain the immediate history from his cell phone, but there hadn’t been any calls or activity since they last spoke to Tubbs New Year’s night. They checked in with area hospitals and called Vail police, who began a search and investigation.

Vail’s investigating sergeant, Craig Bettis, said police searched Tubbs’ hotel room and Vail’s parking lots but haven’t been able to locate his black Chevrolet Tahoe yet. Bettis also said Vail Resorts conducted a search, but the resort couldn’t confirm whether it had.

Police also issued a BOLO ” or, Be On The Look Out ” warning, and put Tubbs’ name and description on the state and national missing person alert.

“That is really the only protocol we do at this point unless it seems suspicious,” Bettis said. “At this point we don’t believe there’s anything suspicious at all. It’s weird he hasn’t contacted his family.”

Bettis said police would deal with the case differently if the missing person were a child, but he said oftentimes adults vanish without telling others. However, Bettis said police will continue to search until they’ve “exhausted all possibilities.”

In the meantime, the family has taken up its own search.

Tubbs’ brother-in-law, Jerry Webb, and nephew, Taylor Webb, flew into Vail Monday afternoon and began canvassing the ski areas, searching parking lots and posting fliers throughout town in hopes for leads where Tubbs could be.

When they searched his hotel room, Jerry Webb said everything except Tubbs’ driver’s license ” skis, a ski pass, clothes, computer, his wallet and seemingly all of his credit cards ” was in the room.

“It’s like he took off to go somewhere,” Webb said. “We’re just looking for clues.”

The Webbs haven’t turned anything up. The OnStar system in Tubbs’ truck was recently disconnected. His e-mail hasn’t been checked in days and all his reminders have been going off, unattended. Tubbs, who runs the day school in Plano, doesn’t function often without his computer, Alicia Webb said.

“His laptop was attached to his hip,” she said. “If he wanted to take off and start a new life, he would probably take his computer.”

Jerry Webb said the family is now pushing hard to subpoena Tubbs’ cell phone records.

“That’s our real last hope of something electronically to help finding him,” he said.

The lack of clues and the abrupt manner in which Tubbs apparently disappeared has taken a toll on friends and family who are optimistic for his discovery, but also can’t help but think of all possible scenarios.

“We’re just ” we’re hopeful, but you lose hope after a little while,” Alicia Webb said. “It’s not looking real great. It’s just very sad and baffling.”

Jerry Webb said when he and his son got to Vail Monday, he hoped they’d be able to find Tubbs, have a laugh and then go skiing for a couple days. As it’s shaping up, the father and son will be looking for more clues, posting more signs.

“We’ll probably stay as long as we need to until we’ve exhausted every possibility,” Webb said.

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