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Texas scold ’em

I write this in response to a letter sent out by the Eagle Board of County Commissioners on February 28, 2006. This letter announced the summer flight schedule, and, once again, it is very difficult to understand why it is fine for Continental Airlines to fly direct from Houston in the winter, and not in the summer. This really is a great disservice to Houstonians who have homes in the Vail Valley.

We have been told that American and United Airlines feel that that they would be adversely affected by such a flight; in our case, nothing could be further from the truth. My husband has tried both of the summer options into Eagle – they simply don’t work well. United means flying to Denver, and then waiting to see if there are enough people to fly into Eagle. If not, they put you on a bus. Flying from Houston to Dallas, changing gates (quite a long way apart, and necessitating a tram ride), then flying directly into Eagle sounded like a viable option when it was first announced. Unfortunately, though, summer storms in Texas can cause delays. When my husband tried this last summer he left Houston, after a short weather delay, arrived in Dallas, only to face another weather delay of about two hours. He finally arrived at Eagle five hours later than planned. Had the first flight from Houston been a direct one, the first 20-minute delay would have been the only problem, and he wouldn’t have had to miss a concert at the ampitheater that evening.

While we fully realize that weather will always be a potential problem, it has become obvious that the only reliable option is to fly to Denver, then take a van or a car and drive to Vail. So, my husband does this twice each week. We love the Vail Valley, have been coming since 1971, and have a house in Avon. We spend a significant amount of time in the Valley. Two or three years ago, just at this time of the year, the Vail Daily ran an article announcing that

Continental would be flying directly from Houston into Eagle and into Steamboat Springs that summer. We were thrilled – but then so disappointed when it was rescinded. I have been told that the SS flight is very successful, and is still operating.

I encourage all Houstonians who spend time in the Valley to write to the Commissioners and to the Vail Daily, and lend support. Surely there is enough summer traffic for everyone !

Eileen Hricik


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