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Text of the alleged victim’s mother’s statement

Daily Staff Report

“I come here today to speak for myself and my family in support of victim’s rights.

Victims’ rights are about protecting and supporting people in their struggle to reclaim their lives.

Victims’ rights are about changing and rewriting laws to give victims equal protection under the law.

Victims’ rights are strengthened by people like Colorado State Senator Groff, Colorado State Representative Stengel and Governor Owens for their efforts to make Senate Bill 46, legislation concerning the protection of the identity of a victim of unlawful sexual behavior, state law.

Victims’ rights are about standing up for the truth.

Victims’ rights are about becoming a survivor.

I want to thank my daughter for teaching me about courage. I am proud to be her mom.

Keep fighting, keep trying, keep supporting victim’s rights – we can have a positive impact.

My prayers go out to all of our American soldiers and their families.

Thank you.”

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