thank you

Tony Eber is leaving the valley to move to Texas (why?). Vail Realty, Vendettas, etc., we have replaced Tony with A-Rod next year. We are still trying to replace O’Connor and Trombetta with anybody. They just keep showing up. Rumor has it that if the Cuomos retire and give back the champion T-shirts, then we will stop pressing charges. Speaking of retiring, how about having a collection and buying Mac a new pair of pants. Thanks to the Outlaws for never making it to the playoffs because you guys are the best fans in the world. Thanks, Nestor and gang. Hopefully next season we have as much fun as this one (only because BBOS won again).Tony, we will all miss you good luck in Texas. Lee Williams, you missed the offsides call in the Summit game, just saying. Have a great winter everybody!

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