Thank you for everything |

Thank you for everything

My husband had an awful bicycle accident on the bike path in Edwards around 2 p.m. on Saturday. He found himself on the ground barely able to breath. A gentleman named Frank came on the scene who lived in the Reserve and helped my husband, called 911 and stood by his side. A young lady who was a nurse by trade came by and consoled him while giving him some really good advice. A young man named Andy sat with his back on my husband’s back to support it until the paramedics arrived.

When my sons and I arrived on the scene, there were five or six strangers surrounding my husband, taking care of him and protecting him until help arrived. My husband, Allan Barrows, ended up in the hospital with nine broken ribs and a puncture in his lung, and I wanted to reach out and thank those strangers who took care of him Saturday with all my heart; it meant a lot to him and to my family. Humanity does exist at its finest!

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