Thanks For a Great Summer |

Thanks For a Great Summer

It was fun, it was fast and it was tasty! Ice cream season has alas come to an end again. I have so many people to thank so I will do so by saying a big thank you for another great summer. I saw so many kids this summer and enjoyed seeing every single one of them. Parents, thank you for trusting me with your kids . I love the tiny little ones with the best manners "Please, may I have ..." Well done parents . We live in a special community and nowhere else could I have imagined such a great summer business . I have lived here 26 years now and I have owned my business for 13 of those years. I feel a part of the fabric of many of your lives and for that I am honored. Have a safe and happy winter season and I will be back in full swing next year. So kids, stay cool , be cool and do well in school. From, Carrie the Ice Cream Lady.

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