Thanks for help cleaning up Vail Pass Trail |

Thanks for help cleaning up Vail Pass Trail

Ellie Caryl
Vail, CO, Colorado

The ECO Eagle Valley Trails Committee adopted the Vail Pass Trail in 1998 and has spent the past 11 years every June picking up the trail and highway in that beautiful area with the help of many volunteers from the community.

This year was another successful event, with the support of the town of Vail, Colorado Department of Transportation, Moe’s BBQ and Vail Resorts.

Thank you to all the folks who gave up their Saturday to come and get this job done. It would certainly be less enjoyable to ride the bike trail or drive up and over the pass if year’s worth of litter was allowed accumulate.

Sincere thanks go out to Charlie Carter and Norma Carter, Harald Westbye, Lonnie Chipman, Ginny Culp, Greta Blamire, Lee Moosburger, Julie McCahan, Jill Hunsaker, Ty Ryan, Ross Morgan, Colleen Widlak, Louise Randall, Kathy Langenwalter, Dick Cleveland, Lisa Marano, Liz Bailey, John Bailey, Johnny Bailey, Ian Bailey, Anne Esson, Susan Pollack and other Rotary Club members, Ron Mitchell, Joyce Rihanek, Mike Rose and Gary Thornton. And thanks again to the Town of Vail, CDOT, Moe’s BBQ and Vail Resorts for their contributions of assistance, bus, food and prizes.

Ellie Caryl

ECO Trails Program

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