Thanks for helping revered Vail surgeon |

Thanks for helping revered Vail surgeon

Gay Steadman
Vail, CO, Colorad

Dear all, including Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital in Denver and the nursing staff there, as well as Drs. Clark, Smith, Parker and Rifkin:

Thanks to you wonderful and accomplished people, I still have my husband with me. My heart is very full of gratitude for your caring and amazing level of expertise, and quite frankly, I can’t find words that adequately express my gratitude.

You saved his life! This can only mean that he has a lot more work to do on this earth, and because of you, he’d better get well so he can get busy!

Gay Steadman


What a community

We are the parents of Carla Hagan, one of the four girls who lost everything in the Vail fire at 2665 Larkspur Lane.

We would like to thank everyone in the Vail community for their unbelievable support for the girls. From Carla’s employers past and present to the Salvation

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