Thanks for service to Vail! |

Thanks for service to Vail!

Margaret Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

The town of Vail and members of the Art in Pub lic Places board would like to thank Barbie Christo pher for the contributions she has made to the town. Vail continues to be a place that people want to live and visit due, in part, to the efforts of commu nity members who serve on town boards and commissions.

Board members donate hundreds of hours of their time and attend countless meetings because they care and are committed to preserving Vail’s authenticity. The results can be seen in the choice of decorative street pavers, charming plazas, exciting fountains and quality of materials used in Vail’s buildings.

Barbie Christopher, who served on the Art in Pub lic Places board from 2001 until February of this year, is one of the volunteer board members who have made a real difference. Barbie’s contribution can be seen throughout Vail, including playgrounds, fountains, trash cans and drainage grates. These town projects all have an art component and are the better for it.

Thank you, Barbie, for helping to make Vail like nothing on earth!

Margaret Rogers

Vail Town Council

Appreciate the coverage

Dear Dominique Taylor, Melanie Wong and Tay lor Roozen: On behalf of Vail Resorts and Rouene Brown, thank you for your terrific coverage of Sarge Brown’s service this weekend.

It was an extraordinary gathering of individuals including longtime locals, war heroes, ski-industry people and Dartmouth alumni. We truly appreciate your support and thank you for getting the word out ahead of time and sharing the details of the service with your readers.

I know it meant a lot to those who traveled great distances, and it was especially meaningful to Rouene, Sarge’s wife.

You guys are the best. Thanks again.

Jen Brown Beaver Creek Communications

Nice column on dancing

Linda Boyne: Your column Monday morning was a great, fun read. Everybody identifies with “What the heck am I doing?” and the Tonya Harding bit was inspired.

You are going to generate a lot of enthusiasm for the Star Dancing Gala. I look forward to more of your columns and to seeing your two-step on Aug. 18.

Your support mirrors the wonderful help we’ve always received from the Vail Daily.

When all is said and done, “It’s all about the kids.” Thank you. I’ll see you at the gala!

Jim Allen Board chairman, The Youth Foundation

Great burger

I think that Paradigms is an excellent place to get an unbelievable burger. I tried a bunch of burgers in the valley, but none compare to this one because it was cooked to perfection.

Chef Vinny cooks the burger any way you want, and he will make it so scrumptious you would plan to come back again to get another burger. I can’t wait to go back for another excellent burger. I strongly suggest you go to Paradigms in Eagle to get an exceptional burger.

Carson Mcqueeney, 14 Eagle

Price did concern panel

You make the following statement in your editorial (“All good but price of preserving Col orado River Ranch”), which I think is somewhat misleading: ” Indeed, the open space advisory committee unanimously recommended the county com missioners approve contributing $5.7 million out of the open space fund toward buying the devel-opment rights to the land and thereby preserving it.”

We had many discussions on this when we were reviewing the CRR, and what the OSAC approved was that the property met the criteria for open space funding and was a worthy candi date for the commissioners to fund.

Our discussions made it perfectly clear that we were not recommending the level of funding in any way. In fact, many, if not most, members felt the cost was high, but at present, our authority does not extend to making a recommendation on the amount of funding the commissioners should consider.

Tom Edwards Gypsum

Editor’s note: Yes, squeezing in the price with the committee’s unanimous vote in that sentence did not take into account some members’ discomfort with the price.

Freeway etiquette

I wanted to give a shout- out to the truckers for doing what most of the other vehicles on the road can’t seem to do.

I drive from Vail to Eagle almost every night and get blinded by all the people who refuse to turn off their high beams when passed. I’ve almost wrecked a couple of times being blinded on a sharp corner by oncoming traffic, as well.

No one seems to know what common courtesy is anymore. Another example: When getting on Interstate 70, only the truckers seem to move into the left lane.

I know the interstate driver has the right of way,

Letters, page A6 but if there’s no other cars, I don’t see why getting over is so difficult. So thank you to the truckers for letting me get on the interstate and dimming your lights at night. It’s greatly appreciated by this broad!

Emily Galko Avon

Thanks for gift

This thank-you is long overdue. We greatly appreciated the gift that was delivered to our home in October. It was delivered at night with balloons attached and best wishes. It was a gift that was needed and greatly appreciated. We have never found out who this gift was from, but we do know that this was a blessing from God.

We wish you lots of love from the Forbes family: Erik, Meaghan, Kathy and Jeff.

Jeff Forbes Gypsum

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