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Thanks for the support

Staff Reports

On behalf of the Vail Valley Foundation staff and board of directors, I would like to thank you and the Vail Valley community for the tremendous support our recent World Championships bid received here at home.As noted in the pages of the paper, we went to Miami with an ambitious bid and a hope of creating some new excitement in alpine ski racing, snowboard competition and freestyle skiing. The concept of this multiple bid was perhaps ahead of its time for the FIS family, but we continue to believe this is the future and at some time, somewhere it will happen. Our motto going into this bid was “the right idea at the right time in the right place. Two out of three usually isn’t bad, but in this case, it kept us from bringing home a great championship for the Valley.The Foundation prides itself on looking for opportunities that will create new events and energy for our community and that effort continues in not only ski racing but numerous other projects on the drawing board. We’ll return to the community with other great programs and in time, together we’ll revisit the future of World Championships here in the valley.Until then, I’d like to thank the team from the Vail Valley that traveled to Miami to further our bid. Each and everyone supported the effort 150 percent and represented our community at the highest level. I couldn’t have been more proud to be part of any team! In addition, thanks so much to the unbelievable support from Vail Resorts and our entire community and for the excitement and vision you all expressed throughout this bid effort. We may have lost these Championships, but as a community we have once again come out winners!Sincerely,Cecilia FolzPresidentVail Valley FoundationBad man equals bad articleYou made this guy [Chris Armijo] sound cool to people (see Jail Tatts and Solitary in the June 10 edition of the Vail Trail at I saw no use for it whatsoever. Kids don’t need to see a spotlight on someone who’s been in a lot of trouble, they need to see spotlights on people who have grown up in challenging environments and have come out on top of the game.Jenny WolfWest Bend, Wis.

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