Thanks for your trust |

Thanks for your trust

Kelly Booker, Eagle Valley Driver Training

I have always believed if you want to teach other people’s children effectively, you must first care about them as your own.

Thank you, Eagle County, for trusting me to care for your children. I came to you six years ago, virtually unknown, needing a job, and for all my years of experience with kids, the best I could give you was a “one-woman show” driving school.

A previous mentor in the business once told me, “Kelly, you can’t save the world.” But, I always knew I would find a place where I could try. You needed me and I needed you, and I think the students benefitted … I know they did.

While I deeply regret that Eagle Valley Driver Training will not continue as planned, I look forward to time spent with my family, and I know my efforts here were appreciated.

To thank every person would take the length of this paper, and so, to every single student, every parent that became a friend, every school teacher I subbed for, every business person and everyone here that made me feel like I made a difference, thank you. I’ll never forget you.

Drive safe, Eagle County.

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