Thanks to Kobe Bryant, another teachable moment |

Thanks to Kobe Bryant, another teachable moment

EAGLE COUNTY ” Unless you been holed up in cave somewhere with Osama, you know the Kobe Bryant main event is about get under way.

Hopefully, despite the slips and stutters that have marked this case, justice ultimately will prevail. For the sake of the accused and the accuser, one should earnestly pray that through the prurient miasma, truth will find its way to light. And for the sake of the system itself, and our stake in criminal due process, one should root for no less.

The curtain will rise in Eagle County District Court this Friday upon the first act in the Greek tragedy that has become the recent life of Kobe Bean Bryant. And that first act will be the high drama of jury selection.

High drama? Well, yes. You see before the salacious details of the People vs. Bryant are trotted out for public rumination, discourse and verdict, a jury of Mr. Bryant’s peers must be “interviewed” (technically, “voir dired,” but we’ll get to that), selected, subscribed their oa

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