That ‘vision’ thing … |

That ‘vision’ thing …

Don Rogers

And no state spends less on the arts than Colorado, which of course cut its investment even more this year.

In effect, given the veritable gold mine tourism represents for this gorgeous state, instead of shouting Eureka! – we’ve collapsed the tunnel in our collective wisdom, and buried word of our treasures.

Partisan circus

Our busy, so very busy state lawmakers closed this legislative session in fine folly. The Republicans finally figured out that since they’d taken back the state Senate, what the heck, might as well redraw those congressional boundaries as icing.

Gerrymandering is a hallowed rite following the census at the start of each decade, and the GOP had the bad luck to let the Democrats capture the state Senate by a nose, and therefore gain an advantage in the district redistricting wars, eventually settled by court ruling this time.

You know, that couldn’t stand. So the GOP majority rode roughshod on the process, opened this Pandora’s box and moved lines around more to this party’s liking – doubtless setting up lawyers for lots of money that we know will never go to promoting the state’s virtues as a tourist destination.

Any guesses where this will go? Yep, back to court. Want to take any bets how the court system will rule this time around? Pretty much the same as before, this time adding “unconstitutional” to the script. Any doubt the Democrats would do the same thing? Gotta love those partisans.


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