That’s really a sale, not a land ‘swap’ in Eagle |

That’s really a sale, not a land ‘swap’ in Eagle

Rich Schnelle
Avon, CO, Colorado

I thought a response to two articles in the Daily this week is appropriate since you won’t file a correction yourself.

Through either ignorance or outright deceit, the Daily’s advocating a land “swap” in Eagle of 5 acres of vacant Forest Service land.

This is not a land swap, but an outright sale of national forest land to a developer ” in this case, Eagle County.

I’m sure neither the Forest Service nor county officials involved in this loss of public lands (purchased with our tax dollars) are eager to publicly correct you, either.

Hands off public lands, all you developers out there, even the county. Not 1 square inch.

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Forest Service, you are paid to manage our public lands, not liquidate them to build yourself housing and cushy offices. What’s wrong with the Dowd Junction Ranger Station? It’s less than 25 years old.

Get out in the forest and do some actual forest management for a change.

You won’t need a new office-complex-shrine to celebrate your outstanding forest management.

As for the county, nice example you are setting, using taxpayer dollars to buy and develop national forest lands to subsidize urban sprawl, congestion and more low-pay, welfare housing.

If this little sale goes through, I’m sure all future public-land transfers in this county will get a lot more scrutiny, and probably even the legitimate land swaps will be tied up in the courts for years and years.

Rich Schnelle


Editor’s note: The Forest Service land in question lies in central Eagle. That would be defined as “in-fill” rather than “sprawl.” As part of the agreement, the county would give county land at the fairgrounds to the Forest Service to build a complex. Part of the agreement involves cash as well as the land, er, swap.

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